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Category : Wedding Articles

18 Feb 2018

3 unique dowries for marriage.

by Rizqi Maulana – IMKGroup Lemme ask you all, What do you know about dowry? Etymologically, Dowry is a transfer of parental property, gifts or money at the marriage. It is a symbol of passion and affection toward the bride from her groom. it is an obligation in a form of goods or service (liberating a slave, teaching respective student and et cetera). At the end, the bride & groom are free to decide the form of the dowry, since […]

02 Mar 2015

The position of bridegroom and their parents.

by Agung Ngabei – IMKGroup I’ve encountered many questions regarding this during wedding day, whether during morning/marriage contract ceremony, blessings ceremony even on the wedding reception itself. On that note, I would like to explain these positions from a wedding organizer’s perspective. This is due to the positions used as general reference. Bear in mind that the wedding ceremony in each culture could be different. Positions on Morning/Marriage contract ceremony. Morning ceremony consisting of suit & jacket fitting, tutup waring […]

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