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3 unique dowries for marriage.

by Rizqi Maulana – IMKGroup

Lemme ask you all, What do you know about dowry? Etymologically, Dowry is a transfer of parental property, gifts or money at the marriage. It is a symbol of passion and affection toward the bride from her groom. it is an obligation in a form of goods or service (liberating a slave, teaching respective student and et cetera). At the end, the bride & groom are free to decide the form of the dowry, since there is no exact Islamic law standard for it. However, It is advised to alleviate the dowry, Rasulallah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “The best of all the dowries are the easiest ones (lightest in service or cheapest in goods)” (HR. Al-Hakim: 2692).

In Indonesia, commonly the dowry ceremony is done by presenting an Al-Qur’an, book of it’s Indonesian translation and a set of prayer (Salah) equipments. Sometimes it is also paired with ring or other trinkets for the bride. Our research shows that the regulation from the Ministry of Religion Affairs in the case of marriage dowry is made to be as cheap and light as possible, i.e. 25,- Rupiahs (Twenty five rupiahs) in order to not hinder the marriage process. This regulation doesn’t meant to insult the women in general, but for the greater good of all the Ummah in Indonesia.

These are some forms of unique dowry in Indonesia:

1.Sailboat Models.

The groom presented a dowry for his bride in the form of these sailboat models to symbolize the beginning of their sailing towards the ocean of marriage.

2.Flower bouquets.

The groom who gave these interprets his dowry with the element of romanticism, as flowers are the symbol of romance in every relationship.

3.Pictures of both bridegrooms in different artforms.

The groom gifted the bride these also to use it as a decoration for their future home and for the memories of their beautiful wedding ceremony.

That was a brief explanation on the uniqueness of the dowry in marriage. If you readers have any other ideas for exceptional dowry, please leave your comment and share it here.  (pic/goggle)


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